Local Restaurants And Cafés

Bistrot De Pays In The French Pyrenees

Throughout the region you will find the Bistrot de Pays sign. Bistrot de Pays is a network of restaurants and cafés run locally with a strong focus on good quality produce and cooking. The style of food varies greatly from the simple and rustic to gastronomic. For the former we can recommend a trip to Escaro, Villefranche or Fillos. Should you wish for something a bit more refined you will enjoy an evening at El Taller in Taurinya. Wherever you choose be sure to call ahead to book.


La Senyera in Villefranche De Conflent

Villefranche is often described as a miniature Carcassonne due to the fact that it is a walled citadel which was once an essential fortress town for the region. Nowadays it is a hive of activity with tourists passing through to visit its many boutiques, cafés and restaurants.

You will find a blend of eateries but the pick of the bunch is without doubtthe traditional La Senyera with its ‘menus de terroir’ and other local dishes.


Prades – Restaurant Le Galie

Another fairly creative place to eat is Le Galie in Prades. Again, precedence is given to the wonderful local produce such as duck from Arboussol, but there is a slightly modern twist to keep the menu fresh and enticing.


Ille-Sur-Têt – Boulangerie Le Couvent

If you arrive from Perpignan, we recommend you stop off at the Boulangerie Le Couvent. Henri POCH, meilleur ouvrier de France, produces the best breads, viennoiserie and patisserie in the region. Generally open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Take the SECOND exit for Ille-Sur-Têt heading up the N116 from Perpignan towards Canaveilles.

le couvent ille sur tet

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